An Election of Change and Contrast

I am not a professional educator or educational consultant.  I am a parent of kids who have gone through our K-12 system and are currently in that system.   We need that humble but important perspective on the School Committee. 

Rarely does a Wellesley Town election offer such clear and important contrasts between the candidates. My candidacy is that of a change agent. The status quo– declining rankings, reputation and enrollment– is unacceptable in a town like Wellesley, which once proudly set the standard in the Commonwealth and the nation in terms of excellence in public education. We can and must restore that standard and allow all students the equal opportunity to achieve to their fullest potential. I favor establishing room in our schools and on our Committee for balanced viewpoints and truly critical thinking, as opposed to the infusion of divisiveness and consultant-driven policies in public education. When parents wish to speak up and address important issues in education– from curriculum to grading systems or student safety– the School Committee must be willing to listen and consider parents as full and important stakeholders in the education of their children, not a bothersome intrusion that must be brushed aside and ignored. And when this Town is constantly asked to fund our system with ever-increasing taxes, we must ensure that those funds are requested and spent efficiently and in furtherance of the core mission of providing the very best education for our kids that we can. 

If you acknowledge these facts and want a School Committee Member who is willing to address them and seek change, you want to vote for me.

This is in stark contrast to my opponents. One is an incumbent who has put in place the very policies that foster decline and need change.  The other is a professional educator and consultant who favors those policies.  They are rubber stamps of the status quo.  They are even more of the same. 

We Need a Voice Willing to Consider Change

If you have watched School Committee meetings and attempted to address the Committee, as I have, you know that the Committee is unwilling to ask or respond to hard questions, address the core issue of parents voting with their feet in the form of declining enrollment and listen to parental concerns. Please ask yourself just how refreshing it would be to have at least one School Committee Member who will accept facts, question the effectiveness of the course that we are on and listen to everyone in our community. I am willing to be that Member, just as I did during my service to the Town on the Planning Board and the Wetlands Committee. I believe that the School Committee’s must respect each child, each parent and each taxpayer. They all deserve to be heard. They are not part of an “angry mob,” as one recent former School Committee member previously stated. They are people — people who care about education. I promise to listen to and respect each one of them.  If you seek change and favor full and open debate, I humbly and respectfully ask for your vote.